“What do you want your legacy to be?”-Entry for June 24, 2006

 Mommy_s_Graduation_Day-232x240 “What do you want your legacy to be?”

I heard this question one day while listening to a popular athlete being interviewed by an inquisitive TV news reporter. It seems that it is in important question for us all.

 If you took your last breath today, for what would you want to be remembered? Very few people like to think about the answer.

However, I believe that we were not accidently born. I believe that we all have a purpose that is closely integrated within another person’s purpose. We don’t coincidentally bump into one another in life. I believe that our interactions are divinely designed to assist us in revealing and realizing our life purpose.

I want my legacy to simply be that I opened up a new arena for entrepreneurship, and that I helped focus our nation’s attention on the Future Class of 2028.

At the end of the day, I pray that my small efforts helped build one of the most successful generation of positive leaders and achievers in the world. A positive generation who will fulfill their purpose in life.

Leaving a legacy doesn’t have to be a sombering thought. We can have fun and enjoy each daily divine interaction as we work towards our life’s purpose. 


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One response to ““What do you want your legacy to be?”-Entry for June 24, 2006

  1. Anonymous

    Beautifully stated! Our legacy may differ from what we plan vs. God’s plan; yet, I feel that it’s empowering not sombering. Just the thought motivates me to make the most of each day, make fun, have fun, pay back and “pay it forward” for all the wonderful kids in our lives.


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