Happy Holidays! Entry for December 10, 2006

Although this is undeniably the busiest time of the year, I think it is a great time to slow down and reflect.  It is a wonderful time to flick back in time to see how far we have come, and earnestly pray for the things that we wish to achieve in the future.  The secret is in understanding the creative process.  I believe in the divine power of God in unleashing our potential.  His omnipotence is so much more complex than can ever be explained by any scientific equation.  We must ASK for what we want, we must be open and patient to hear the answer, and finally we must bring ourselves into alignment to properly receive our blessings.   We must stay positive, be passionate and expect great things.  The 2006 HBCU kidz journey is our testimony to this miracle.  “Out of nothing out of no way…a way will be made”.  We are so excited about 2007.  We expect it to be a fantastic year.


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