Education! Important GEAR for Life Entry for March 10, 2007

Why is education important GEAR for LIFE?  In my opinion, it is not just about the credential, the credibility, or the degree.  Education is not just what you get by going to school.  It is not just going to a college.  It is also about signing up for training.  Taking a course.  Attending a seminar.  Reading a book.  Participating in a forum.  Listening to a speaker.  Ironically, all of these activities are usually core requirements of most college programs.  Education is about the discipline of mastering material-learning how to discern facts and apply critical thinking to life’s ongoing problems, challenges and opportunities.  It is not just about getting a certain grade.  It is about taking the fundamentals and creating something new and exciting.  Being able to read, to decipher complex thoughts, to organize, to plan and to implement are not just “nice to have” skills.  They are survival skills.  Having an education helps fewer people take advantage of you.  Not having one allows more people to steal from you.  For example, if you can read the deed before you sign over your house to a con artist…you could throw away the pen!  You can question the fine print in a contract because you know why it is in FINE print.  You can recognize the need to call in a professional advisor before you sign a document that steals your rights and priviledges because you know that it is not expected for you to know certain disciplines without training…Can you really read an architectural drawing to know that the plumbing in your new home is not going to fit the cabinetry?  Your education will cause you to assign the responsibility to the inspector and builder’s warranty clause.   You can more effectively communicate with government officials when you are not being treated fairly.  You stand a better chance of knowing what to do to get what you need vs. “going off” and getting into a physical altercation.  Why?  Because being exposed to other educated people, you learn how to maneuver through life to make the most of most situations.  Uneducated people often are forced “to do what they gotta do” just to survive.  When scam artists are seeking victims unfortunately they prey on those who do not know any better.  Unfortunately it tends to be people who cannot read or think between the lines.  Sometimes having those limited options cause the uneducated to live a less than fulfilling life.  Not saying that educated people are better people or are financially better off.  I am just saying that an education gives people more options to choose when faced with challenges.   Don’t believe me?  Check the facts for yourself!


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