Tribute to HBCU Alumn Bernard A. Brown-Entry for July 8, 2007

HBCU kidz, Inc. is pleased to announce its inaugural scholarship campaign. We are planning to create a fund that supports and celebrates the life of deceased HBCU Alumni in the memory of Bernard Alfonso Brown also known as “Bernie”. 

Bernie was a Baltimore resident and an HBCU graduate of Virginia State University Class of 1975.  He was the brother of Joan Gosier, one of the founder’s of HBCU kidz, Inc.  He was definitely an EDUCATION FAN

He always promoted education and believed in its importance in opening up doors of opportunity.  He used his education to not only open doors for himself but by being a helping hand to his fellow man. This hardworking father went from working as a short order cook in the hospitality industry to a senior level computer programmer for the U.S. Social Security Administration by using his ability to obtain credentials to build upon his track record of experience. He believed that if you did not enjoy your lot in life you need to go learn how to do something that you truly love. While supporting his wife and child, he took a chance and went back to school to get a second bachelors degree in Information Management.

Bernie departed this earth on June 27, 2007 and left a legacy worthy of carrying on for generations to come. 

Each year HBCU kidz, Inc. would like to pay tribute to these type of everyday unsung or celebrated heroes and at the same time support the alma maters from whence these special people came. HBCU kidz, Inc. plans to begin its first campaign at an event designed to raise funds for its brand new “HBCU kidz, Inc. Destination HBCU Scholarship “.

This scholarship will be awarded to either a deserving HBCU alumn who is a parent aspiring to improve his or her family’s opportunities in the future by entering a new field preferably in science and technology or a parent seeking to attend an HBCU.

We at HBCU kidz, Inc. hope that this program will continue and encourage the legacy of leadership found in the HBCU Spirit. 

We are asking all families to submit the names of family members (living and/or deceased) who exemplify this type of spirit of excellence to be recognized and honored each year during the month of February.   

For more information about the scholarship program, the event or to submit names of deserving honorees, please email us at

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One response to “Tribute to HBCU Alumn Bernard A. Brown-Entry for July 8, 2007

  1. Anonymous

    Joan I think that is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL to do this in memory of your brother. He would truly be honored. We both are on a path to improve the lives of kids and I hope that other parents follow suit by supporting our efforts. Keep up the good work, best wishes and much love.


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