“Who really cares about our babies?”

Marvin Gaye’s Message

“Who is too busy to stop and care about our FUTURE DREAMERS, LEADERS and ACHIEVERS?”


Our creative and loving gifts are not just cute but they also help solve very pressing needs and problems in our community today.  Looking for a unique and inspirational baby gift?

We are living in a time where every day is precious and time is racing past us.  Giving a gift of purpose to a child in your immediate or distant family is so important.  Is there any reason why you can’t place an order right now?  Please don’t wait another day.  Make this year’s birthday, baby shower or holiday truly memorable!

Remember: 10% of each sale goes directly back to OUR community.
Our contributions have inspired young babies who wee featured in our online baby contests,
crowd fund campaigns to assist families in need
 and/or directly to our nation’s HBCUs.

A wise man once said

“Ignorance is cheap. Education is priceless”
Education!  Important GEAR for LIFE.




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