GbG…Gifted by God-Entry for January 25, 2008

About the GbG Design:

Psalm 127:3 says “Children are a gift of the Lord”.  We created this design out of our love for God and our desire to spread the message that our children are precious, need nurturing and carry the future on their tiny shoulders.  What we invest in today, will reap tomorrow’s dividends.


Product Description:

Traditional T-shirt: Choose pink for girls or blue for boys.  100% Cotton.

Black Heritage T-shirt: Choose red, black or green for our 2008 Special Black Heritage Limited Edition Collection in support of mission/vision of  

Sizes up to 6T.  Special orders for larger sizes or groups.


Logo Description:

Gold metallic Screen printed design with exclusive trademark GbG.


Source of the design inspiration:

While riding on a crowded airplane 7 days before the tragic and unexpected death of my brother, I had a vision and made a prolific journal entry.  I was sitting in front of a set of parents trying desperately to calm a frantic autistic child.  As I looked at all of the angry faces of the squashed passengers sitting in near vicinity, and I listened to the parents struggle with their child, as a mom travelling alone on business, I began to think about the potential embarrassment the mom and dad were perhaps experiencing.  I began to sit and softly cry out of helplessness.  Soon I heard another comforting set of words light up my heart.  Every child is a gift.  We all have a special gift.  It is up to us to unwrap the gift and enjoy what it brings to our life. 


About the lesson learned:

Here are the words that I journalized while sitting on that crowded and noisy plane…


A long time ago, God created the world, the universe, life itself.  Once upon a time, everything was absolutely perfect.  No flaws, no imperfections, no scars, no broken dreams, no painful arthritis, no bad images on T.V.  There were clear and distinct roles for the earth, the sea and the weather.  He knew exactly what a perfect gift he was giving us from the very start…the breath of life.  It exists within all of us.  Breathe in.  Close your eyes.  Breathe out.  Your perfect gift is to be able to do that on your own.  You can do it all by yourself.  When you came into the world on your birthday, guess what?  No one had to teach you how to do this.  God had already created a perfect setting for you to take this gift and to be able to know now that he already decided why you need to take that breath on your own.  U are special and unqiuely made.  He is going to make you perfect through the experiences that you encounter today and tomorrow.  We all have special gifts, and we must celebrate them.  We can begin to enjoy and share these gifts by carefully opening them up.  It is selfish to complain about things we do not have in life when our gifts have yet to be opened up.  It is rude to not say, “Thank you for my gift” when you have not even accepted your gift.  It is a shame to focus on someone else’s gift when yours is sitting in your hands unopened.  Gifted by God is a subtle reminder to us all to take the time to share your love for positive growth for the little munchkins in all of our lives.


What is the stuff at the bottom of GBG is it the artist’s signature?


Kind of…It is my signature writing of the words “Gifted by God”.  The “professionals are working to clean it up” so that it resonates and sells but I hope they don’t change too much.  There is a little story that goes with it. 


My brother (who passed away in June) brought home from Rome a piece of wood with hieroglyphic looking writing on it for my mom.  He asked us “what does it say?” 


We of course guessed and guessed and had NO CLUE what it said.  He gave us a hint.  He said, “It is someone who is always there even when you can’t see him and once your eyes are trained on how to see him you will always be able to do it on your own”.  So we continued to guess but thought he was making it up because the wooden block did not have any legible letters written on it. 


Finally we gave up.  He told us “Just focus on the wood and not the letters and you will see him clearly”.  Sure enough, it said “JESUS”.  So everytime I see those blocks I can see it. 


My mind and heart flashed back to his memory and I thought once a person sees a child wearing the GbG design he or she will ALWAYS know that the child is gifted by god regardless of HOW it is written beneath the heart on the shirt.


What do you think? 


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