Someone decided that to mimic the rich and famous would cause U to be well loved and accepted by others.


U could walk out of your home and instantly people would see your labels or recognize your designer and BAM! Instant love.


What if people could reverse their thinking for our most vulnerable babies?


I recall seeing young boys with their pants hanging off their butts.


No celebrity was promoting this but why did it take off?


No parents were promoting this either. There were no school administrators endorsing this fashion forward statement that I know of in this country. So why did it stick and spread universally?


I fundamentally believe it is that basic human desire of acceptance by others.

Personally, I really only crave this from my immediate family members.


I ponder the thought. What if HBCU kidz, Inc. could creatively provide a polar opposite from established brands? What if people could choose individual self-determination and build from a solid platform provided by family and the HBCU village vs. the streets and big business?


What if kids could grow up and be able to aspire to be SMART vs. COOL?


Perhaps a day will arise where some people can boldly declare themselves filled with a life purpose, a deeper meaning that is driven by serving an awesome GOD vs. driven by serving an existence based on man made status.


So much money, talent and energy exerted on pumping out messages of illusion and false self worth.


Imagine if people could see a logo and it reminds them to elevate and celebrate education. Perhaps a logo that triggers a sense of URGENCY to teach out of love the baby right there in front of your eyes. A simple message, “Education is important GEAR for LIFE.” Something that smartens and uplifts a generation known and depended upon for being FOLLOWERS to finally be nudged into LEADERSHIP.

Everyone can’t handle being in charge of their own thinking and decision making. But more should and could.


I will try to instill these thoughts and ideas into my offspring so they can pass the lessons on to the next generation.


Everyone is NOT dumb.


WE all have different GIFTS.


Most of us don’t PROACTIVELY explore what these gifts CAN DO to build a better world.


What if our children are raised to use them from birth?


Someone decided that to mimic the rich and famous would cause U to be well loved and accepted by others.


When will U decide to be U, love U and accept U for the gifted and talented soul U were born to be?


Education!  Important GEAR for LIFE.



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