Things to BE THANKFUL FOR! Entry for November 23, 2008

Well another Thanksgiving Holiday is knocking on the door.  What a wonderful season to reflect on God’s generous blessings and begin cleaning the plate for a fresh and abundant dish of blessings for the NEW YEAR!We have been in such a reflective mode this past year that it now feels like a grand finale of sorts. 


My 6 year old came home from school with a class project due on December 1.  She is to create a timeline of her life to date.  We started on it last night and had a good time.  She listed year by year begininning with her birth on September 9, 2002 all of her favorite and meaningful memories.  I typed them into a spreadsheet so we can sort them in order of occurences.  Then I cut them out for her to arrange on her posterboard.  I asked her to look at her stickers and tools and think of which one reminds her of the event.  She would pick up the word “Love”and place it by the words “2005-My grandma Vernelle died on November 30” Very touching exercise and most impactful from the eyes of a small child. 

So I was inspired to do the same with all of my boxes and boxes and boxes of “unalbumed” and wildly loose photos and keepsakes.  By the NEW YEAR, I plan to continue organizing these blessing reminders and putting them neatly in albums for others to enjoy for the Christmas Holiday and 2009 family gatherings. 

At this time we are also making big plans for HBCU kidz, Inc.   We have set a lofty goal of trying to positively inspire the lives and uplift 200,000 children. 

Year to date…what are your thoughts?  What should we do?  How can we meet your NEEDS or WANTS?  How can we find these children who deserve to own our loving gift products and educational resources?


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  1. Anonymous

    Well working on my daughter’s timeline INSPIRED ME to do one for myself. I created a photo journal for my upcoming book, “Cotton Pickin’ Paycheck-A 21st Century Journal of Escape from Slavery”.
    –Joan E.


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