Happy Holidays to U! Entry for December 20, 2008

Well it has taken a few years for me to get in the holiday spirit again.

This year I was determined to begin with a NEW ATTITUDE of positive expectancy.  It has really paid off!  I am so enjoying this time with my munchkins and hubby.  The past three Christmas seasons were kind of bleak.  Mommy passed away on November 30, 2005.  Not much to be merry about THAT year.  The next Christmas was kind of tough too.  We gathered at my big brother’s house and tried to fill her void.  It was challenging but we embraced our core family with love.  It brings a smile and single tear to my eyes as I reflect on that magical year of 2006.  Didn’t have too much to celebrate in 2007 because my big brother suddenly passed away June 30, 2007.  So it was truly tough last year to bring in much holiday cheer for my munchkins.  I went through the basic motions but JUST WAS NOT FEELING MERRY. 

It feels so good to be able to reflect but move forward. To miss those who have passed away but to appreciate the embrace of those who are still in your arms.  I love my family.  I love this feeling of contentment.  I pray that this holiday is memorable and an anchor for whatever lies in the future.


Happy Holidays from our home to yours!


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