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Kwanzaa And New Year’s Family

Helpful News Tips!

Christmas is just around the corner, so here are some helpful

new tips from your favorite corner of the web.

For example, this week, we’re offering an enormous amount of fresh,

hot deals from the storefront, directly into your hands.

Just browse on over to the webstore, and take a gander at the new BABY T-SHIRTS.

This holiday newsletter contains tips excerpted from our new

Family Keepsake Book, “Cotton Pickin’ Paycheck-A 21st Century

Journal of Escape from Slavery”  This article is also being posted on our blog

 “HBCU kidz, Inc. Founder’s Blog”.

So whether U celebrate Christmas or Kwanzaa…let us ALL

remember teach our munchkins about the birth of our


Capture 2009 Holiday Memories!

Some people are great at snapping awesome photos.

Some people forget to take out the camera.  Some people take great pictures but never remember to share them when they see U.  Some people show U the pictures, but alas they end up losing them later.  Some people are always amazed to see old photos of themselves, yet can’t for the life of themselves remember a single fact about the event or occasion!

Well HBCU kidz, Inc. would like to share 5 HELPFUL TIPS to make 2010 a better year based on HOW U capture this holiday’s memories!


Here are the steps to make loving memories:

  1. Strive to focus on fun.  Don’t get so stressed out and caught up in the details.  Rest and reflect.  Think about all of the things that could have happened BUT did NOT!  Check in the mirror occasionally and SMILE!  Remind yourself, “I AM TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED!”
  2. Make sure U pick up a camera and keep it in your pocket.  Even if it is $5.00 disposable camera, don’t leave home without it this week.  Definitely have one in your possession on or before December 23.
  3. Take the time to jot down special faces and places U want to always remember.  Remember the diligence Chris Brown’s character demonstrated in the holiday comedy “This Christmas”?  Think about it.  Could this be the LAST Christmas “Aunt Sue” and “Uncle Bill” are up happily dancing around?  Look at the munchkins!  Isn’t baby “Candace” growing up so quickly?  Capture her last “crawling Christmas” among the nativity scence this year.  It only takes a minute to jot down a quick list of your personal TOP 10 must have “frozen smiles”.
  4. Capture some reflections of this year’s season.  What was the dinner menu? Who cooked what?  How did it look outside?  Did anyone travel in from out of town?  What was that one gift that finally made U break out a smile?  What was that “wild and crazy” joke told by the comic in YOUR family?  Add some written notes from older family members in their own words and handwriting.  What do THEY remember about days gone by?  This is a wonderful time to capture those nostalgic feelings and memories from their childhoods…good and not so good.  Bad memories should kick in a “2009 GRATITUDE” for “seeing how far GOD has brought us!”
  5. Don’t forget to publish your photos for others in your family to enjoy.  Get them developed or emailed before the NEW YEAR!  Find an African American business owner in your area to support.  Put your images and memories in a special 2009 FAMILY HOLIDAY BOOK.  In 2010, flip through these memories whenever U need a quick reminder of your blessings from GOD.  Merry Christmas and HAPPY KWANZAA!

>> Click Here to visit each of our other Family of Websites!

WeALLstartSmall.com   DestinationHBCU.com

AchieversinTraining.com   BlackParentConnect.com

HBCUbaby.com      HBCUkidgear.com

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