Back 2 School

My inspiration is a little boy I met 2 years ago who was in kindergarten with my daughter but failed. I made a post about him back then because I sensed he was going to have it hard in school…So I have recently encountered him again and discovered he can’t read going into the 2nd grade. My thoughts and prayers stay on him ever since this revelation.

“Off to Battle and Can’t Even Read!” by Joan E. Gosier

There U stand
like a tiny little man
with attitude
that borders on rude!

There U sit
mean as a pit
with attitude
one funky little dude.

There U cry…
Does ANYONE know why?
With attitude…
your momma snatched your food.

There U stare
in class with NO care
With attitude…
NOW teacher is in a bad mood.

There U sit
stuck in this pit
with attitude
one lost little dude

WHY DO I care?
Is this rare?
My heart…
It aches!
No rhyme.
No time.
It hurts!

This world, your world
either boy or girl
requires U to read.
It is a basic need.

To do battle
We NEED warriors
Winning the war
We NEED thinkers

How can U think a NEW thought?
How can U win this battle long fought?
Think Phyllis Wheatley or Benjamin Banneker!
Think Paul Dunbar or Margaret Walker!

WE need U to read!
We need U to lead!
Lose the attitude…
and win U little dude!

Read this poem.
It is a tiny start.
Read this poem.
It is from my heart.


“Truth lies in the letters
if he never learns to read
bad attitude and no job
so sad indeed.

We all need to take some level of responsibilty to teach him to read.”

Response by DELCANO


Excerpt from my 3rd book, “Cotton Pickin’ Paycheck-A 21st Century Journal of Escape from Slavery (2002-2010)”


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