Can a CABOOSE move forward a TRAIN?

I admit that I have only been on earth about 4 decades, so I do NOT profess to know everything all the time.

But I have been pondering the above question for some time as it relates to an analogy I often use on people who dwell on NEGATIVITY.

Can U move forward in life if U stay stuck on the things that are in your way?


Can the CABOOSE move forward the TRAIN?

Like can U reach out and pursue a dream and a passion if U are surrounded by naysayers who are constantly telling U to stop trying?

To me…it is like getting mad at a CABOOSE for being at the back of the train.

U NEED an engine…in the FRONT.

When I am surrounded by other POWERFUL GO GETTING PEOPLE I get more done in a few hours than often takes some folks LIFETIMES.


Why is it seemingly harder for some people to connect with DOers vs. stay stuck in a CABOOSE YAPPING about what aint going right in their lives?

At our local democrat committee membership meeting, there are about 5 out of 50 members who are African American.

But black folks will scream BLOODY MURDER after church service to learn that the tea party folks have an ad seeking new members in our local newspaper.

At our local NAACP meetings, we are striving to have at least 1 representative from each of the 10 local churches attend. THAT has been a YEAR LONG PROJECT and still has NOT happened.

We can’t even get all of the pastors to attend a FREE BREAKFAST. Only 2 typically will show up to scheduled functions.

A strategy to solve long term problems require more than a rally, protest or boycott in the 21st Century. It takes PROACTIVE HABITS of working together….to plan, to support, to assist, to DO, to GET STUFF DONE.


My curious mind would like to know!

[This is an excerpt from “Cotton Pickin’ Paycheck-A 21st Century Journal of Escape from Slavery (2002-2010)”



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10 responses to “Can a CABOOSE move forward a TRAIN?

  1. edshaw

    Yes, I am going to read CPP by summer, by golly. Thanks for the reminder.
    I will be pleased to write my response. These could be the times in which people really decide where they stand. Are they going to be negative, drug taking loafers who can’t find anything good to say about the USA or each other, or are they going to greet each other with a smile?
    Concerning jihad, ironically and paradoxically, with every attack, the fuse grows shorter, the vise tighter. You might say these economic downturns are survival of the fittest. Nations that have allowed themselves to either
    crumble financially (Greece, Ireland, etc.) or allowed the ordinary people to fall into desperate straits (Egypt, Tunisia) are paying the price.
    I would like to see your book through the viewpoint of how can the black community build prosperity and happiness, thereby protecting itself from the temptations of totalitarian ideology. I’ll see it that works.


  2. I think it is important to focus on the people who show up, rather than on those who don’t.

    There will always be leaders, people with vision, who make the time and space in their lives to show up.

    And there will always be those who are not ready. Some people will never be ready. But the people who are ready to make a difference show up and make a difference.

    Blessings to you,


    • Zhana U are absolutely correct…BUT…there seems to always be a tug at my heart for those who watch the train from afar and fear that they are being EXCLUDED from the ride…


  3. As always you and I are on the same page at the same time and don’t know it. Joan God is telling us something and we need to move on it. GREAT JOB as usual!!! (Skee-oop)


  4. edshaw

    Good one, Joan.
    I add, if the reasonable and legitimate citizens are either too busy or somehow don’t think responsible leadership is worth the effort, it paves the way for demagogues and the fringe.
    I’m boning up on Muslim Jihad, lately. I notice the
    moderate Muslims in Europe and America have relinquished their voice, by inaction over time.


    • Thanks Ed.

      Yes I believe U are on to something REALLY BIG.
      A few months ago, I went to the library and checked out a few videos to try to get up to speed on Mohammed and more background on Persian Gulf War, etc. I still have more to learn BUT I am at least more aware of the missing pieces of my year to date education…


      • edshaw

        Thanks, Joan:
        Still learning this wordpress system. Notes and messages somehow finally surface in my box.
        Hope the book is getting good reviews. One good thing is that the “shelf life” is going to be long, so you don’t need instant success..just steady readership.
        I was doing a tongue in cheek conspiracy theory mag when I “stumbled” onto this radical Islam controversy and you are right, it is going to be huge.
        What an opportunity for all Christian brothers and sisters to put their hearts and minds together. I see myself putting a couple of more weeks of intense research into this and then kind of stepping back to an occasional post or maybe even a special niche in the field.
        Thanks for commenting.
        Your friend,
        Ed Shaw


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