We ALL Start Small

I truly believe that it is ALWAYS better to PREVENT a disease than to find a cure. Did U know that the human brain is 90% developed by age 6 years old? Reference Link

Sit back and think about the many behavioral challenges found in today’s society.

90% probably were “preventable” by age 6 years old.

A person’s ability to

    1. Organize actions
    2. Plan activities
    3. Focus attention

      are often very key to personal and professional success in a 21st century society are they not?

      In addition, a child that is told negative things before leaving the house learns to think negative outside of the house. A child that thinks negative tends to DO negative things. Conversely, the child who is loved and nurtured at home seems better equipped to go out of the house and handle his or her business. Reference Link

      What if there was a way for the children MOST LIKELY to not succeed to beat these odds?

      Achiever in Training T-shirt

      Train Up a Child!


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