President Barack H. Obama Designates Fort Monroe a National Monument!

President Obama signs a declaration to declare Fort Monroe in Hampton, Virginia, as a national monument. 

Fort Monroe is a location RICH with African American history, significance and successes.

Fortress Monroe, Hampton, Virginia

Fort Monroe-National Historic Monument.

Mary S. Peake started a school near the fortress, within the present grounds of Hampton University. Her enrollment grew from six to more than fifty students in a matter of days.

Mary S. Peake

Educator, Mary S. Peake

“Peake was a dedicated instructor, creating a school for adults in the evenings and continuing to teach despite failing health, even when was she was bedridden. She died of tuberculosis in February 1862.

Her school was one of the first of its kind and served as a model for a number of other schools that taught African Americans throughout the South in Union-occupied territory.

Today, the city of Hampton honors Peake with a school, a street, and a park.”  Source

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