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God is truly omnipotent and good all of the time. How HE works is amazing to me. When I was in my late teens and early 20s I used to dream and pray that one day I would be blessed to have a family that would serve GOD together.

I placed artifacts of culture to represent these hopes and dreams in a pink hope chest. This pink box is where I would place special, rare or hard to find items that I would identify at various cultural events around the world while I was a single “corporate executive in training”. If I attended an Indiana Black Expo, for example, I would seek out unique souvenirs that would be carefully placed inside of my hope chest! I would “HOPE” that one day my children would enjoy the special collection.

I would keep these items secure until the day my FUTURE children could embrace and appreciate. Unfortunately, I can’t recall which year or what location each item was secured because I just didn’t have the foresight to label them. I simply stuck them in my box. I never even kept inventory of what was in there or not.

This Mother’s Day I am just so happy that I took the initiative to lovingly capture the portfolio of products.

Through my various relocations starting in the summer of 1986, obviously one of the items inadvertently was left out of the box and was moved into my own mommy’s house in Baltimore, Maryland. Later, when my mom moved in with my late brother, Bernie, it seemed to have gotten packed away out of sight. Just a few days ago, my sister-in-law, Sandy, called to notify me that she was shipping something that she found that she felt would be nice for the girls. Who knew? She said she was cleaning up items long ago left by my deceased mom and brother when she came across this item.

When the package arrived, I recognized it immediately. However, I did NOT mention it to the family. My DREAM came true when my oldest munchkins, 10 year old Tomeara, took out the game, read the directions and set up the game to play down on the living room floor. I walked in the front door still on the cellphone yapping with one of my beloved and spirit filled sorority sisters from HBCU Hampton University and was absolutely stopped in my tracks! It was ironic because she and I were just praising GOD on our testimony of the LOVE of motherhood.

I looked down on the floor to hear my daughter sweetly ask, “Mommy can U play this game with me please?” I think she was shocked to hear me quickly reply, “ABSOLUTELY!” Now of course I had a ton of things to DO to end my 1st week of May but my heart just fluttered. I immediately jumped off the phone.

I put the phone on silent. I put away my “TO DO” list. There is always “later”. I made myself get down on the floor. I began to read the rules to the game and Tomeara stopped me. “I already know how to play. I read the rules already!” Sheepishly, I had to confide, “Mommy has NEVER played this game before.” She chided me, “But I thought U said this was your game?”

So. She and I began to play the game under “her guidance”. What was the game?

The board game was none other than “Black Fax. Buy it. Play it. Teach it to the young”. It has a copyright of 1985. The game is patterned after the once very popular “Trivial Pursuit” game. Everything in the box was still in pristine, unused and “vendor fair purchased condition”. In the middle of the game, she marveled, “So this game is old, but U never ever played it with anyone?”

I finally explained to how it remained preserved and another reminder of the precious pink “HOPE CHEST”. Tomeara seemed so tickled to be the first person to write on the score pad! That day both of us learned a lot of BLACK FACTS. The trivia questions are NOT easy, but they are exciting to learn. Eventually we stopped playing by the rules and just asked each other the questions. The game has 3,000 questions on black culture ranging from history, business and technology, entertainment, sports, literature and arts, etc.

Tomeara would complain, “Hey! I am only 10 years old. I don’t know these things!” I reassured her, “That is WHY mommy purchased this game. I was a grown woman and was JUST learning these things to be true! I didn’t want MY children to have to be 20 something in order to become AWARE!” This was such a thrilling experience because SHE initiated the activity and interest.

Tomeara was so excited that she began to quiz her daddy when he arrived home that evening. We even seemed to inspire our 9 year old munchkin Toleah to pull out her history notes and begin studying for her school exams!

God bless Sandy and Tiffany for thinking about the girls and shipping this game back home. Thank GOD that this game no longer needs to be kept away from them until they can appreciate in life. God bless all us moms who strive to pass on the torch to the next generation to know better and strive to DO better!


Love Always,


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TRU Skool: Shango Blake talks to founders of

Listen to internet radio with THE KEYS107 on Blog Talk Radio
T.R.U. SKOOL kicks off their Historically Black College Tour Series discussing the importance of Historically
Black College & University.
Featuring husband and wife team, Thomas and Joan Gosier founders of HBCU Kidz,
Inc. and, a website that encourages our children to attend HBCU’s and understand the historical
value of our traditions.

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Spelman Ranked #1 in 2011 U.S. News College Rankings

Spelman Jaguars!

Top HBCU In 2011 U.S. News College Rankings
(list of 20 ranked historically black colleges and universities below.)

1. Spelman College

2. Howard University

3. Morehouse College

4. Hampton University

5. Tuskegee University

6. Xavier University of Louisiana

7. Fisk University

8. Claflin University

9. Dillard University

10. Tougaloo College

11. North Carolina Central University

12. (TIE) Florida A&M University

& North Carolina A&T State University

14. South Carolina State University

15. (TIE) Jackson State University

& Johnson C. Smith University

17. (TIE) Delaware State University

& Elizabeth City State University

19. Winston-Salem State University

20. (TIE) Morgan State University

& Tennessee State University


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Every Baby Born is A Gift By God

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Education OVER Incarceration!

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We ALL Start Small

I truly believe that it is ALWAYS better to PREVENT a disease than to find a cure. Did U know that the human brain is 90% developed by age 6 years old? Reference Link

Sit back and think about the many behavioral challenges found in today’s society.

90% probably were “preventable” by age 6 years old.

A person’s ability to

    1. Organize actions
    2. Plan activities
    3. Focus attention

      are often very key to personal and professional success in a 21st century society are they not?

      In addition, a child that is told negative things before leaving the house learns to think negative outside of the house. A child that thinks negative tends to DO negative things. Conversely, the child who is loved and nurtured at home seems better equipped to go out of the house and handle his or her business. Reference Link

      What if there was a way for the children MOST LIKELY to not succeed to beat these odds?

      Achiever in Training T-shirt

      Train Up a Child!

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      5 Year Review of HBCU kidz, Inc.

      Over five years ago, we got annoyed.

      Annoyed to the point of taking specific action.

      We looked at our two beautiful and intelligent offspring and made a choice.

      A vendor selling HBCU gear told us that he did not sell HBCU gear to fit children because, “Lady, maybe you haven’t noticed…kids DON’T carry wallets!”

      He then walked out of my face after explaining that is why he only sold shirts to fit adults.

      We could have agreed with his assessment of the African American community.

      My husband and I thought, “What if Walt Disney felt that away about kids?”

      Surely, we must be able to look out and see the RESULTS in our community and agree SOMETHING is not WORKING in our favor.

      Rather than criticize, we decided to ORGANIZE.


      HBCU kidz, Inc. was born on February 1, 2006.

      Happy Birthday!


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