Introducing 2007 Achiever in Training-Entry for January 15, 2007

What is our inspiration for our 2007 design? Raising A  Generation of Future Leaders and Achievers!

This Black History Month-HBCU kidz, Inc. is very proud to introduce and launch the 2007 HBCU kidz Design Theme!  Design Themes: Train up a child [Proverbs 22:6] and Love never fails [I Corinthians 13:4-8]

This design was created to inspire and motivate our next generation to positively embrace training, education and the early foundation of self-acceptance. At first glance it may appear to be just like any other academic or athletic team logo but the baby wearing this design belongs to an always scoring, always winning team year round! A parent is a baby’s first teacher about who he or she is in life. Of course life has setbacks and disappointments, and yet unfortunately, we cannot shield them from this fact in the end. But one thing that they must always know is that true LOVE never fails. AGAPE LOVE is unconditional. [John 3:16] So many people fail because they do not accept that LOVE and SELF ACCEPTANCE provides the key foundational building blocks for ACHIEVEMENT.


Say to yourself each and every day, “I have a passion for excellence, a passion to become the very best, and a passion to set high expectations for this new baby!”


Please read this shirt aloud to the baby whenever it is worn. Please take a moment to do the following in your own words and in your own special and loving way:

· Point out the A+ and describe how it feels to earn an A+. What do you remember about the time you received your highest grade in school

· Point out the graduation cap and scroll. Explain how happy of a time it is and who recently graduated in the family or the name of someone who will graduate soon. How will you feel on that day for the baby?

· Point out the heart in the blocks. Tell the baby how much you love him or her and give 1 reason why. Explain why the blocks are a part of the design?

HBCU kidz, Inc. is passionate about creating a positive vision for our future generation. We hope that you are satisfied with your genuine 2007 Achiever in Training LIMITED EDITION keepsake gear!  HBCU kidz Mission: To promote the HBCU spirit through high quality baby memorabilia and parent resources that increase global support and awareness of HBCUs.


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